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POTBOT is working out procedural real world delivery methods / procedures and mechanical dispensing apparatus in accordance to the FAA’s UNNAMED AERIAL VEHICLE program.

Delivery Procedure

When receiving robot delivery, the delivery must be received by qualified member of POTBOT.ORG. In order to Qualify to receive delivery, Sign up! and schedule a PROGRAMMED LANDING ZONE APPOINTMENT!

Programmed Landing Zone Appointment

After you have signed up and have scheduled a programmed landing zone, you are ALMOST ready for your delivery. We arrive at your HOME / location of delivery and physically determine the safest landing zone approach and the safest place to land your delivery LANDING PAD. Once this has been established and you have signed our liability waiver form and you and a POTBOT.ORG representative have gone over and SIGNED OFF on ALL the safety LIABILITY and procedural precautions REQUIRED BY THE EVOLVING FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION RULES and REGULATIONS for LOCAL AND STATE GOVERNMENTS AND MUNICIPALITIES – then you are ready to order your first POTBOT delivery!


We are providing local marketing services using a drone and your ADVERTISEMENT!  sign up here. 

POTBOT not only deliveries small products! it provides advertising services as well. I have developed a method and mechanical apparatus for projecting hundred foot images on buildings in poorely lit areaeas perferably near freways with LOTS OF TRAFFIC with your logo or message PROJECTED on buildings using the worlds smallest video projector!

Also in the day time I have a sign that I fly on top of the POTBOT with your message! Further, the sign can be illuminated at night so it stands out and gets your message SUPER AMAZING ATTENTION!!. SIGN UP NOW


POTBOT is accepting applications for FAA qualified drone pilots to Fly robot deliveries /PROGRAM CUSTOMER LANDING ZONES and to Fly advertisements in all 50 States and EVERY CITY in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Successful applicants will be provided with all marketing materials- technical and communications equipment and of course a state of the art slightly modified DJI MACIC PRO DRONE. Pay starts at 20 bucks an hour.

Sign up here


Providing listing services to highly consumer rated business in the cannabis industry. Promoting business using our dedicated servers, firewalls and ZERO spam score. FREE to the first 100 qualified listings,



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